Black Leather Pumps with Peep Toe by Guess

Is there anything in your wardrobe more fundamental than the famous little black dress? You must agree – there isn’t! Well, when it comes to shoes and especially high heels, these fabulous black leather pumps are the first choice. The top of elegance! Saviors in the most critical situations when “nothing matches”! The color that never betrays you… We can go on like this forever and the answer is always the same: black leather pumps with peep toe. To highlight your individuality, these magnificent black leather pumps are trimmed with metallic dots for a unique and sleek look. These beauties are leaning on a 5 1/2 inch heel and 1 inch platform. Consider their buying as a long-term investment due to the material’s quality and what is more important- the fact that these unbelievably classy and comfortable high heels never go out of fashion. Yes, I dare to say they are timeless.

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Black Leather Pumps with Peep Toe by GuessThe black leather pumps are a perfect choice for the upcoming cocktail party where you want to be seen in your new elegant red dress, or for your birthday, when you wish to emphasize your personal glow and be the star of the night, rightfully! Just combine them with a thin black belt, black purse and matching accessories and you can practically put on the first dress that comes to hand and still look stunning! Nevertheless, let’s not forget the perfect professional looks that these black leather pumps with peep toe add to when combined with a classic pair of pants, white shirt and a little neck scarf. They can also make a pair of tight jeans look absolutely fabulous on a business occasion, when combined with a black elegant coat. The possibilities for their usage are endless. The black leather pumps with peep toe will help you create a truthfully outstanding appearance.